Friday, 22 March 2013

The Lady of the Evening

Endless nights spend on arms of bare men 
The mask of their days kept aside
The true demons of dark

A voyage from despair to money
Set short by a daughter's plea 
Stories of hungry stomachs to fill 
That paved to a living for brothers 
Luring wavered hearts to taste flesh of their blood 

My life poised between despise and pleasure 

Bruises of body masked by rogue 
And beneath a bleeding heart

Pampered secret of dark 
Me. One with the loose morals
And they with the masks on deities of virtue 

The raucous curses spat in daylight 
Sounding better than ruses of night 
With tears tired of being kept back 
and emotions none knew existed 

A soul wounded deep
Craving a chance 
Hushed up everywhere 
But I exist beware 

I. Lady of the evening
With painted lips and fleshy curves mine 
Comforting you with a pleasure of wine