Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Land of Lore

In my dreams I saw a land  
Near but far 
Miles away yet beats apart 
Here raise your head and stars smile at you
Bow a little and you get lost in petals
fallen in love with dew 

Land where dreams and hopes are woven as one 
Torn apart but mended hard 
Land of love Land of lore
That here you just wish for more 

A land that never close its eyes 
To the world of hue
A land that never close its eyes 
To sinking souls as you 

Not a trace of angry waves 
Not a sight of disgrace
A land where you breathe joy 
In an air none could destroy  

A bubble that floats far and wide
Taking you by its side
Would take you there  
To a land of lights that fail to fade

Go for it  search for it 
The bounty for you 

The land is here 
the land is there
Nowhere but deep in you