Sunday, 2 June 2013

An Angel

“Sharing tales of those we've lost is how we keep from really losing them.” 
― Mitch AlbomFor One More Day
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 She finally found the key to the question that had driven her crazy years back. Sipping the hot coffee, she sat staring at the obituary, as memories from another, but fond era of life cuddled her.

Jancy and Angel? Na! Ann was big enough to know who an Angel was ... And none could play tricks on her, the little self in her dotted frock, thought to herself. Her Moral Science teacher had very well taught her of Angels, their magic wand, and the beautiful snow white attire. They would come with an aura of light around them and wings (though Ann actually was searching hard for the explanation on the Aura part!). Her hazel eyes popped out of the sockets when she first heard Jancy talking of being an angel. How could she think of fooling Ann, who added Jancy in her BFF list? She giggled endlessly at the thought of Jancy in that white attire, with her tanned dark face and red teeth. But she wouldn't tease Jancy or retort, for she had always counted on their friendship. 
Ann was at her Grand’s place. She woke up to a bedlam the very morning. Her Grandma was on a heated dispute with a lady. It was the first fierce head to head battle Ann had witnessed. She hid behind the pale blue curtains, this was the only world war she could imagine of. As the battle ceased, she couldn't really make out, who was actually on the winning side! STRANGE! Both of them were left with nothing but smiles. Is war not that a bad thing? She mused hard.
Days went on and she got used to the clash between the titans. She befriended her Grandma's foe at war. Though at first she detested the dark lady, who came around with a pungent smell of rotten fish, and a basket on her head, slowly, she began to admire her! Her name was Jancy, she came with a basket loaded with sand and ice and fish, a lot of them, and with every news on Earth! The perfect way she balanced the open mouthed basket on her head, and the way she narrated spicy tales of anything under the sun, made Ann love Jancy. Ann even secretly wished to be a fish seller, to be welcome everywhere, at anytime and just to know everything as Jancy did! 
Jancy too loved Ann. She even left the tiny fishes Ann loved, for free, everyday she brought them! But, Jancy was always a pack of surprise for Ann. Once her Grandma asked Jancy about her family, and Ann was thunderstruck. She couldn't believe that this lady would have something like a family too! Jancy had told then to Ann that she lived far away, in a small house with her daughter's family, and until she becomes an Angel, she would sell fishes and get back to her home, to play with her daughter's baby. That was a different picture of Jancy, Ann never could even imagine! But wait, what did she just hear? Jancy and Angel? She speculated on it, day and night, though the obvious answer, she knew! Jancy was playing tricks on her, for every time she talked of it, both Jancy and her Grandma had a smile on their faces, a strange smile, as though they both knew of it, as though they both were partners in this crime.

Years dashed away, and Ann grew up, to another world, sans the solace of Grandma Tales and untrodden innocence. But now she knew, what Jancy had meant years back. She knew that Jancy would now join her Grandma at the FAIRY LAND and smile at her Ann, to whom Angels weren't an illusion anymore!