Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Daughters

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The rain poured heavy 
The melancholy spread the grief 
And she too shed a tear.
My daughters, siblings in fate 
And pals in sorrow.
Over the lush carpet of green,
My leaves rustle, shining with dotted pearls,
My tears they were, but none knew!
As they whisper the tale of mine,
The tale of my daughters. 

She was small, a tiny lass and played beneath me 
She hugged and counted on me
And grew under my shade.
The long swing she loved,
the breeze that blew her high,
Breathed to me, She is mine.
My little kid.

My branches spread, to grow wide 
She too ceased being my naughty child.
Then came in the cuckoo 
To hug my bosom and fill my heart with her songs.
Built her nest and lived in me
She my daughter, the younger one.

Came by the smile of spring,
Never lone my daughters would ever be in their nests 
Found they their flames in life.
Alas, little they knew, seasons change!

Leaves yellowed to crumple in damp fields
As rain washed away their smiles,
Flooding in the grief of winter,
Flew into another nests my daughter's mates!
And I, a lost father, could not for once
Shade them from the storm, under my girth.
As the rain cleanse the Earth, 
A father's tear go unseen,
As melancholy that go unheard in the patter of the shower,
Tells the tale of mine and my daughters!

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