Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Royal Plea

I sit and stare, 
As another dawn sets in, and sheer rays tease me 
With envy, with anguish 
I see, they giggle at a passive me. 
Aah! turn of prey, 
But, no.... No preys nor feasts anymore, I sigh,
Pounding at the dirty dose of flesh they feed.
Growls and roars heard from where I never knew, 
The roars , near yet too far, lone, bereft a pal ...
Roars of pent up hunger, roused at sting of rotten brawn 
The sole meal we deserve here.
Limps that craved to hunt down,
Now scrap morsels, off a damp floor!

I pace up and down.
Glances piercing my solitude, glances par the comfort of bars.
Gasps, squeals and guffaws 
Whispers and amused shrieks.
They poke me, they mock me, 
All I do, but stare!
They relish my strips, my pomp carcass 
But never they see the ordeal of my eyes!
Shadows keep moving far and wide 
Left in with not even my shadow!

A distant dream of lush green woods,
Of shiny lakes and fresh air,
Of a pack and mighty life,
Luring me to live through the bars. 
But as I heave to breathe in, the last ounce of life,
The bleeding eyes, the pain that prevails, 
tells me, it was a mere dream, never to be real!

My fate stifled by the sound rods,
My life on an ending note 
Words of a broken heart gone unheard, 
YOU Bards, free to sing, but WE the pack of Pards,
Left to sink,
Sink in a gloom of futility,
To exist on shackles and chains .
Today, morrow and ever ...

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Rainbow

The house seems to choke hard in the crowded aura. Tears spilled and none spoke.An awkward silence echoed hard. A spark of life flashed as the crying machine blurted out a noice.

The monotonous clamor of the telephone pierced through the damp walls.In an urge to put an end to the unsought cacophony Ananya pulled herself up. She wearily went on to pick up the crying machine. Reining a cascade of emotions, she mumbled "Hello" . A silence that burnt her senses followed and she heard it. "Anu, this is your Dev. I'm returning....". She felt numb. The world had a copious reserve of words. But none could fill the void of joy that rushed through her. The phone went dead, giving life to her hopes. 

"Anu...." A familiar hand caressed her head, and she was awakened from the bliss of the dream. Still in a trance, she stared hard at her Mom, with swollen eyes. Was it her mind rusing her? Or was it Dev?  "Anu... won't you see him for a last time? It's time for the cremation." Ananya din't budge. All the young widow could do was but sit and stare at the photo of hers and Dev. How happy, how perfect! Why couldn't the seasons freeze with the sunny spring? She wished nothing had changed. She wished Dev held her hands forever rather than lieing on the floor, bruised, pale and dead. It was more than she could bear. And she sat there, tears gushing from the crevices of her broken heart. "Anu, atleast talk to me, wail your grief and bid bye to Dev",her mom, hugged Ananya. But she din't speak. A shroud of anguish slurped down her voice. And without him, what could mere words matter to her! She let herself drown in the dire currents of silence! 

The death of the brave soldier, who sacrificed his life in the war front was mourned with grace. The final salute was adorned with charisma and the Tricolour shone bright on the corpse. She din't wish to see him so inert, so battered. And the corpse was carried off to the pyre. 

The phone went on pricking the stillness of the house. Ananya with a beam of hope, answered. "Hello" .... A hurrying voice hissed, " Is this Mrs.Dev? " Without waiting for a reply, it continued. " This is from Apollo Clinic, Mrs.Ananya's report is +ve. She is carrying". And the line went dead.Yes, Dev was returning to her,she yelled to herself. Poised between the sour and sweet ballad of life, she smiled through the misted eyes. And a tear rolled down, for this wasn't a chimera, but the rainbow after a fierce downpour!