Tuesday, 1 October 2013


" And before she knew it, she had hit ‘Send’. It was in her name to be forgotten and she hoped they would forget her. 


Suha had always an air of mist around her. She had her besties, kith and kin, but none did really know her. Like the veil that gave her a mysterious beauty,  the smile that adorned her face curtained her true reflection from the world outside. None but one knew her, too close, too intimate. Her mailbox. She had a strange habit of giving words to her feelings, her innate thoughts in the mail and she would save it as a draft. All that she left unsaid, the incomplete conversations, the feelings she could never give words to, all, found a place in her Draft. Solace she found in this revelation made her heart light. Though she loathed being known by none who claimed to be too dear with her, something in her always curbed her from opening up. 


The day went really bad. Suha was torn at heart. The smile wouldn't let others peep into her sorrow! Emotions overflowed through the QWERTY and the mail was brimming with words synonymous to tears. With moist eyes that blurred her vision she reached for the close button. But the day had more in store for her. And before she knew it, she had hit ‘Send’. She cursed the innovative thirst of men that piled the Earth under a single umbrella. The message was delivered to her BFF list. Mistake, a grave mistake. She didn't know why but still had added the name of all her dear ones, when they asked her to whom she would like to send her mail on DAY 1, she started composing it! 

Having her castle of anonymity shattered in the leaf of an odd moment, she fled the place. For no more her smile would be believed. No more she would be their DEAR one! "

Faizal raised his head to see an elated audience. A smile spread on his face, his dream, was no more to be confined within the bars of his heart.  The words his pen crafted, earned him applause and paved the perfect path to his first publication! Suha was lucky to him, indeed!


  1. I really enjoyed the end. Do I sense an autobiographical element here?

    1. Thank You :) :) :) Not really Madam ... But I won't mind if the last part becomes actually true ;)

  2. positive ending...:)
    keep writing:)