Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Silent Tale

Picture courtesy magnifier
Life is a journey. And what we encounter midst of them makes up the gist of our lives. Alone none can lead a life, yup, wisely said, humans are but social animals. People may drop in and out of the arena of our life, but a few, a very few make an impression so strong in our hearts.

It was little Diya's first day at school. Holding on to her Mumma's fingers the blithe girl, hopped on through the pavement of the traffic-laden highway. A school within a walkable distance was a delight to her, who found this morning journey alluring in all senses. The jerks and screeches, the non-stop honking, the busy faces, the pups and kittens, all seemed to entice her. Though, the roadside pond was what she loved the best. She loved popping in little pebbles into the clear waters and found joy in admiring the ripples made by them and the music in the "blum". She smiled with her blue eyes to the reflection of hers, but who was that in water with her? A smile? She saw in the water, reflection of a woman who very much resembled her Granny, wrinkled with pouches of skin, and grey hair. But her smile was something that made Diya smile too. This was their first encounter. 

The little girl grew from the sanctity of innocence, but this habit of hers never changed. The ripples and the "blum" continued to steal beats off her heart. Or was it the that smile she actually craved for?? She christened  her old friend "Mitra" and scribbled of her, in her secret diary. She never had talked to Mitra, and never did Diya accept the toffees offered to her all these years (thanks to Mumma's piece of advice) . She came to know that her friend resided near the pond in a makeshift shelter. How she wished, she too could spend her life by the pond! Still the reflection of her friend smiling, along with her, as in a cherubic photograph was always a matter of glee for her. The eloquent silence that bridged them apart, pulled them even closer each day. Diya knew it, her Mitra knew it, this was a special bond!

Years fled and a lot more journeys took Diya to distances. But at the end of it all, all she wished was to find a moment of peace. To seek solace in the smile that comforted her, she fled to the pond side. But then, none was there to offer the smile. Instead a newly dug grave and the local gossips told her the rest. But none, none could gauge the deepness of the void, Diya found in the reflection of hers in the water. A void she could never give words to. And thus was how a voiceless girl, lost her silent friendship!