Monday, 21 April 2014


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What was she doing there. He couldn't help but wonder. Too many questions. Yet he had answers to none. The more he thought he was closer, the answers evaded him and he was left back miles yonder. Aah! He felt like a little kid pacing around to catch the butterflies. In pursuit of happiness of holding it to himself, happiness of feeling those colors on his fingers. Fruitless. He but loved the chase. 

He wanted her to be here. Hold hands with him. And he wanted to show off her to the world. Every weekend he made plans. Invited friends. Maybe she needed company. But she preferred being with herself. Lost in a world of thoughts he could never decipher. 

She stood there watching the sun set. Waves ebbed in and around her. Her tender self silhouetted against the dusky sky. Was it her fault that she wanted him all to herself. Her toes kept writing Papa on the sands. Each time but to get washed away. 

Raising a daughter alone wasn't easy He sighed. Still glistened beams of hope.

"I know he will understand me someday." Spoke Her heart.  

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Shifting was never an easy task. With a broken heart, it was even more tedious. With tears gushing down her cheeks, she piled up her clothes in the travel case. A final sigh and she was ready to move. Dragging along the hefty luggage and an even heftier heart, she descended the stairs slowly.

It was her desire to have the staircase wall adorned with their photographs. She had them hung as in a timeline. The oldest ones at the bottom and moving each stair up meant cherishing the memories of a new chapter of their life. But then who had time to stand and stare at pictures? They all cling on to the wall, dust laden, craving for a fond glance from some one. Ah! Now but she had time. With each moment monotonously long, she, now had time.

Their final picture together, beneath the old tree where they had always met. Eyes portraying a million shades of love, the memoir of their second anniversary. It was in the days followed that everything had changed. Drifted apart they had slowly, or were they, even before they knew of it? Silence stood between them as a poignant third person and it changed everything.

One step down and their wedding photograph smiled at her. But that smile grieved her even more. What of all the hurdles they together had surpassed to have their families smiling on their day? Was that struggle for happiness too futile to have end up like this? Her eyes stared blankly at the beaming faces.

Then the proposal. The idea of living her life backwards vexed her rather painfully. He was kneeling on with the ring and she stood their half smiling and half crying. She had found it hard to explain the tears of happiness to him. But real joy was when he gifted her this picture on their wedding day. Until then she never knew that the moment too, was captured!

This was her favorite picture of their's. The college arts fest drama. It was on the stage, being his Juliet, her heart had first skipped a beat for him. She knew then, she was in love.

He didn't want all this happen to them. He too cursed the third person between. He could hear her upstairs. Packing she must be. Her swollen eyes he could never bare to even think of. Giving no time to thoughts, he decided to go to her and talk. May be things would then get back to normal. But then, that was when he actually gave time to the old photographs hung on the stair case wall. He hadn't ever understood why she wanted them hung there, in the timeline fashion.

The first picture. They both were crawling on knees. She was as beautiful as now even then. The toddlers were but unlike now, innocent. And words spoken and unspoken never meant anything.

Here she was in her favorite Cindrella gown and he was pulling her pony tail. The picture taken at an old family get together, brought in memories of the then, credulous life. Was he in love with her all the while? He thought to himself.

Next up was what she had called coming to age photograph. With the zealous air of adolescence, she had posed naively, Hijab clad, with him. And his bare chest showed off his Sacred thread. The only picture that reflected their differences. But the secret glow in his eyes always had told him that the moment had been special.

This was the picture he loved the most. All the while in college they had been together. But that day he was her Romeo. And then for the first ever time in life he had known what it was to be in love.

Their eyes met and tears then did all the speaking. And somewhere between, melted the stoic bridge of silence. Together they were meant to be and a deep hug was all it took for them to acknowledge it. Mid stairs they found the key to their happiness.

Above any bliss of words, beneath the shade of love.

Beyond the meum and tuums, a world of their own.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Keeping them Short


She adorned her dreams in red.
Roses. Mehendi. Vermilion.
Her fondest dream of cradle, 
Now was swept off the floor.
Red that was too.  


Hanging on to Papa's fingers, 
She saw her Mom lying inside.
Dark room and doctors.
She knew then, apples were an old lie. 


She would run hard. He on her heels. 
Stealing morsels off his, her game of love.
Love only siblings would know of.


Her cherub grew in a nest not hers.
The lullaby she could never sing,
Was hummed from a distance. 
Wings then drifted off her child to different skies.  
And the Koel never sung again. 

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