Sunday, 3 August 2014

I Apologize

I saw you searching my eyes, for me, within me
For my heart, you thought I had.
All I could do, but turn away.
The heat of your gaze I couldn’t stand,
Blame the conscience. 
Call it my guilt, if you want. 

I saw you polishing my shoes
The perfect black you paint. 
And I throw at you a coin, as the books you crave for,
Burden my satchel.

I was there when you were fed on tears
Waiting for the pizza I ordered.
Salt was to blame.

I was there when your tent was run over
Too comfy inside the AC car.
I saw you at the crossroad,
Longing for a helping hand
Blame the sun, I couldn’t walk upto you.

I saw you there, lying in the dirt.
Flies feasting on your wound that bled 
I could only stare.
My new sneakers, snow white.

I heard him thrashing you and could’ve rung the bell for you
The shackles but kept me moving past you.

I was there when they stripped you
A cry away, with ears mine shut tight.

When fire of hatred burned down the sanctum of love
I was there. Shut safe in a coffin.
A pitcher away from water that could kill the flames….

I saw them blow off your dreams but couldn’t move
A castle of mine I had to cling to.

I apologize for being there but not there.
For hearing your pleas but not listening.
For having thought of you a moment
And tossing you into nothingness the next.

For having seen your tears and heard you wail,
Too stagnant to wake up for you.

I was there when darkness swallowed you
And evil overpowered you
I heard you mourn your miseries
I saw you fighting endless darkness.

I could’ve chose to speak up
But silence had me in its grasp.
I could’ve stepped out of the glass walls
But chains had me stead fast.

World, but I aw-ed at it all.
I talked of it to curtained ears,
The only revolution I could think of.

Born with senses five yet grown up not to feel any,
Sorry world, all that I was just another human.

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