Friday, 19 September 2014

A Blessing

She pushed her.
A moment her life sank.
The next she flew.
Fluttering her wings, splashing colors, she flew high.

When she had crawled through her wormy putrid existence,
Sulking and mourning,
She had told her of eyes that defines beauty
Hearts that could love and spread joy.

When she had found the cocoon so hard on her,
The life too dark,
She had dawned, as her sunshine.
Painting the cage colorless, opening the bars,
Wanting her to fly.

The lonely nights she cried,
She, as the dew drops kissed her,
And left her never.

She pushed her.
A moment her life sank.
The next she flew.

As she flew, spreading out her wings, free and happy
She showed her the flowers wither
The farewell sans tears.

She told her of touch that could heal
The petals, withered and fallen.
The eyes that could read and speak.
Words that could hurt and kill.

She fed her with tales of the world
And through Her eyes she saw,
Beauty that breathed in every being.

She taught her the nectar was always sweet,
The one who tastes, requires patience.

Clutching Her fingers she walked,
To a world beyond the horizon.
A world of dreams.
A touch of Hers and colors were born,
In the canvas of her beautiful world.

As the hopes She had sown sprouted in her,
She learned, the valley isn't too dark.
Darkness was just a night away from light.

Every moment she grieved over the unfair life
That entwined their paths so late,
She could hear her heart whisper,
Celebrate, for you have met.

Lessons She taught, graved in her heart,
Words of hers etched within.
Tales She fed her with,
Tears She never let her shed.
The love they shared beyond words and chains.
The warmth.
Blessing, She is to her.

Picture Courtesy : Google Images

 P.S.  Sreelekha Ma'am, this one is for you. You are someone who have touched my life in a thousand ways. And if today I love language, literature, my pen, and words, if today I'm following my dreams, it is all because of  you. And no words ever can describe what I feel for you. Call it love, respect or anything more or less meaningful.  The day you decided to quit teaching, I cried. The tears weren't for I'll miss your classes ( I had finished my schooling then) but I felt bad for the children who would miss being your students. Who would never get to hear you speak about a million little things in life that no one ever bothered to talk about in the classrooms. Who would never get to listen the stories you have told us, the poems you made seem more beautiful, the morals you etched in our minds. The smile you gave us, the knowing glances you threw when you caught us whispering in classes, the little jokes, the singing times, the encouraging pat and the love you had for us. In all true sense of the word, I'm proud to say that I am your student. And blessed to have you in my life.

A very Happy Birthday to you :) Let the smile never fade from your face.

Aamiyude ammummaykk Paruvinte janmadinaashamsakal :)

Monday, 1 September 2014


She stared for long at the blank page. The page, filled with the void of words that wouldn't flow out of her heart. She had the words somewhere within her. Like clouds brimming with the yet to be rain, her heart tried to bear the heat of the words she couldn't give voice to. They formed images. Abstract, yet every atom of it made sense. Atleast to her. The words.
She envied the artists; the brush strokes, that would lead them to a heaven of contentment. The canvas. The palette. They were but foreign to her. And the ink that kept her alive, today, seemed dry. Words were evading her.
 She sealed the cap of her pen. What if the ink flows out when alone?  What if they ripple to form the words she concealed from the world? What if?
A walk. Fresh air and the world to look at. That was all she craved for right now. And the lake was always her haven. With the bright darkness of the night by her side, she walked. 
Sitting on the edge of the bridge, her legs swaying to the duet sung by the solemn zephyr and the coy ripple, she gazed at the world and the lights that flickered. The world that rushed never to halt for a moment to live this beauty. The beauty, the world wanted to capture in cameras for the future. The beauty they forget to live. The world seeming no more than blinking neons. Mere points, yet poignant. The world that exist beneath the very clouds as her, but had never seen the clouds. Never known the heartbeats of the lake that silently lived by.
She sat there hand in hand with silence. An entity the world never knew existed. Silence. The one who sought their company to always end up disappointed for they found a better ally in turbulence. Silence.
Like an answer to a call from somewhere within, she stood.
The leaves that flew in the air had always fascinated her. And now she could imagine how light they felt. How free were they? As much as she was. Now.
And within moments she explored a different world. The world of water she had seen only from the surface. The same water that had reflected her. Would it reflect her from inside too? She would find out. Soon.
Finding answers always thrilled her. 
Why this leap into the unknown, the world will muse. And tell tales of how sad it was. But within the sonnets they craft for her never would they sing how much she loved her life. How much she loved herself. And how much dear to her was freedom. The freedom life beyond the skies of this world  gave her. The freedom that unpinned her wings to fly above the world that wanted to cage her. 
Dear world understand, but love was in many ways strange. 
And the words that evaded her, they died too. To be heard never.