Friday, 19 September 2014

A Blessing

She pushed her.
A moment her life sank.
The next she flew.
Fluttering her wings, splashing colors, she flew high.

When she had crawled through her wormy putrid existence,
Sulking and mourning,
She had told her of eyes that defines beauty
Hearts that could love and spread joy.

When she had found the cocoon so hard on her,
The life too dark,
She had dawned, as her sunshine.
Painting the cage colorless, opening the bars,
Wanting her to fly.

The lonely nights she cried,
She, as the dew drops kissed her,
And left her never.

She pushed her.
A moment her life sank.
The next she flew.

As she flew, spreading out her wings, free and happy
She showed her the flowers wither
The farewell sans tears.

She told her of touch that could heal
The petals, withered and fallen.
The eyes that could read and speak.
Words that could hurt and kill.

She fed her with tales of the world
And through Her eyes she saw,
Beauty that breathed in every being.

She taught her the nectar was always sweet,
The one who tastes, requires patience.

Clutching Her fingers she walked,
To a world beyond the horizon.
A world of dreams.
A touch of Hers and colors were born,
In the canvas of her beautiful world.

As the hopes She had sown sprouted in her,
She learned, the valley isn't too dark.
Darkness was just a night away from light.

Every moment she grieved over the unfair life
That entwined their paths so late,
She could hear her heart whisper,
Celebrate, for you have met.

Lessons She taught, graved in her heart,
Words of hers etched within.
Tales She fed her with,
Tears She never let her shed.
The love they shared beyond words and chains.
The warmth.
Blessing, She is to her.

Picture Courtesy : Google Images

 P.S.  Sreelekha Ma'am, this one is for you. You are someone who have touched my life in a thousand ways. And if today I love language, literature, my pen, and words, if today I'm following my dreams, it is all because of  you. And no words ever can describe what I feel for you. Call it love, respect or anything more or less meaningful.  The day you decided to quit teaching, I cried. The tears weren't for I'll miss your classes ( I had finished my schooling then) but I felt bad for the children who would miss being your students. Who would never get to hear you speak about a million little things in life that no one ever bothered to talk about in the classrooms. Who would never get to listen the stories you have told us, the poems you made seem more beautiful, the morals you etched in our minds. The smile you gave us, the knowing glances you threw when you caught us whispering in classes, the little jokes, the singing times, the encouraging pat and the love you had for us. In all true sense of the word, I'm proud to say that I am your student. And blessed to have you in my life.

A very Happy Birthday to you :) Let the smile never fade from your face.

Aamiyude ammummaykk Paruvinte janmadinaashamsakal :)


  1. There are some people who give that push to us when we are afraid to come out of our shell, afraid to fly, because we feel the first step is scary and so the second would be too. They're like the mother bird giving a push to the baby, knowing the push will help them find the wings. For us, their words are so important, so meaningful, so inspiring, so memorable, they're beyond words. Glad to know you have such a person in your teacher, Paaru.

    1. Vinay, thank you so much. For being what you are. For loving the drizzle and for making this little world of mine more beautiful with your words! :)

  2. Iam touched to the core dear Paru . No word can express the depth of the beaty of the wonderful feeling that I'm encased in. What a great tribute to a teacher! But Parvathi, the sparks had always been there and I'm happy and thankful to God that it was I who had become his chosen tool to kindle the fire of your migty imagination.May your pen give the world whirls of 'westwinds' and the feathertouch of 'Daffodils 'and the melancholy of the 'Solitary Reapers' in days to come. May God bless you .

    1. Ma'am, I dont know what to reply. Simply cause whatever words I would choose seem less to me, to describe what my heart whispers. You are truly special and this is all that I can manage to say now!

  3. Last month I visited my school after a gap of almost two years and I went looking for the one teacher who had meant a world to me. And when I asked around did I come to know that she had left the school sometime back. And that sunk my heart like anything. She was my class teacher in 7th grade and taught me Math in my 7th and 8th grade. She was the one who encouraged me to go beyond just books and curriculum. She was so friendly that she used to help me out with my love issues :P I finished my school 7 years back but I still made it a point to wish her every year on her birthday but a year back I lost contact with her and with her leaving the school it just makes things even worse. I just hope to see her soon someday.

    Parvathi a big thanks to you for writing this beautiful poem and reminding me how much more she meant to me in my life.

    Cheers!! Keep Blogging!!

    1. Some people make our life worthy just by their presence. However time may part our ways with them, a corner of our heart will always treasure our love for them. It feels good to know that everyone of us have someone like that in our lives. Thanks alot for dropping by Adarsh and your heartfelt comments :)

    2. Pleasure is all mine reading your wonderful posts. And I took the liberty of sharing your wonderful poem on my blog hope you don't mind that. I can never come up with anything this beautiful for my teacher so had to share it :D

  4. Your teacher would be proud of you. No doubt.
    I had an English teacher, Miss Sreeja.....she will always and always be my favourite.
    What a tribute to your teacher

    1. Chechi :D :D English teachers are always special, it seems :) Thanks alot for these words, they brought that instant beaming smile to me :)