Friday, 21 November 2014


Google is a bliss! And google map a blessing.  As I googled for blue patches near to my place, a larger than usual blue blotch, I saw was prying for my attention.  It wasn’t a *spot* of any kind. And that made me more interested. The next day, grabbing the chance of the normal power cut, we set out. Believing Google Baba who promised that a 6 minute drive would take us there, the plan was clear, a 20 minute walk (so we calculated)!

All thanks to an Uncle who broke our heart by enlightening us with the fact that our destination is some 8 kms away.  Having no heart for a walkathon, we boarded buses (Yup. No straight route :P ). And all along we had for company, excitement of finding a new place, that little joy and bankruptcy.  Well, bankruptcy! That is a tale in itself.

And this was what we found.


Away from the pacing world, close
I found a world
Serene. Calm. Beautiful.
By its shore I walked breathing in the visual treat
A path that never seem to end
Water crystal and clear
 Water that mirrored the world around
None there to aww and click selfies
No prodigal DSLRs flashed
No livelihood thrived on the heart of the lake shore
Silence and solitude
A piece of tranquility fallen from clouds spread as water
Longingly smiling at the sky from below
A lake. A wide vast never ending trail
A paradise, I believed

And existed a world on the other side
A world battling to survive
A shore of refuses, a shore of left-overs
Leftover from the brimming world
Dust. Dirt. Filth. But not within.
Shelters. Sheets. Huts. Yet homes. Nests.
 Babies. Hunger. Childhood. Innocence. Smiles.
 A blind eye, I thought would’ve been a boon
 Dampened spirits. Downtrodden life. High flying kites.
Like dreams and hopes
High flying kites of colours many
Kites that peeped below into worlds different from the sky
Unlike the little hearts that flew them, who couldn’t
But dreamt. Hoped.
Were they calling out to us?

Away from the pacing world, yet so close
I found two worlds
Nature’s bounty. Bleeding reality.
Which shall I favour?
What shall I look at? And not?
I had beauty of everyday and -
Today’s pain and tomorrow’s hope to choose from.
Whom shall I listen to?
The cuckoos singing from the green amidst of waters
Or the heart wrenching plea of the hungry infant?

Which eye of mine should be blind?