Monday, 23 February 2015


Countless nights I wake up
In middle of my bleak dreams
Haunting me
And my broken sleep
The world so still, I alone in my trail

I search for you, around and everywhere
Nothingness but I find
They slash my wounds afresh to bleed
The hurting. The pain.

Pain too is strange
Beauty of numbness it brings in
And I feel none of it, or so I believe
No more of wounds can hurt me
No more depths can scare me, I think
Think. Believe. Lie to myself.

And I linger lost between
A clock that paces forward and
Time that have froze

I search for you, to find everything yours
But you evade!

The book with a hundred corners folded
Pages that whispered to you the same tale a thousand times over
Craves for one more time
For your fingers to caress the creases
For you
To kiss its words, that is losing its luster to dust
A last chance. A final reading.

Your silver lined mirror rests on the wall
Staring beyond me
The void you left, hard to reflect
It longs for you
To stand there, check out postures and smiles
Yell. Talk. Console. To guide the reflection
For one last time
 To capture you within its transparency

The pillow that misses the hugs
The kisses and the fights
The pampering and the tears
For you were all it had

Me. My broken heart.
Past. Memories. Promises.
Yours, I too
Is all that is left behind

With my eyes closed I search for you, within me
To find you there
Your smile
Your pale forehead still moist from my last kiss
Wishing I too could sleep forever, as you

Unlike me
The needles of time do move on
The night does dawn
And as I wake up looking for you
In a corner bleeds love!