Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Letter To You - 2

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Letters are always special. And trust me, nothing more than a handwritten letter can be a wonderful gift. It feels beautiful to know that someone out there penned down their heart in a piece of paper, smeared them with shades of the ink and addressed it to you.
And, rain is my love! (That would explain this letter)

To you,

Between all those words you whispered to me and those you smothered within you, I found myself. The words with which you adorned my world have breathed in life to me. Your tears that kissed my eyes reminds me of myself, of whom I had forgotten. And in return, words, I too want to gift you.
Beyond my colours you adore, there is a darkness. My tale.

Colours. They were everywhere. Around. Within. The lush green that bore a drop of dew on her bosom. The gushing blue who mirrored me. The morning yellow who caressed me. The red who bloomed for love. The brown who laboured me, whom I snuggled into during my final moment. The orange of the fall who carpeted my home. The darkness who told me of my love. The slight, gay darkness who shaded my love. Shaded me. Shaded us. Our union.

Ever felt complete, have you? The day he poured out his soul to me, I did. I remember you telling me of how once you were afraid of darkness, of depths. And how you found love in those dark depth of eyes. Darkness used to scare me too. But only till he came along.

For the world, it was the season that had changed. For me, my life. My world of colours was smeared with his remnants. My heart blossomed out feathers. Spread them to embrace him. His music echoed within me. The rhythm to which I whirled and twirled and frolicked with joy.

Living the ecstasy, all I wished was for the time to halt. But he left me alone in the numbing cold. Doubts shadowed  me. Did I then cease to exist? I shaded with hues of longing the void he left. And a night, I snuggled into the quilt of brown. To a world of silence.

It was from there you found me. Shrunk to a feather my heart had by then. Away from the colours, away from my past, his remnants, you hid me in your little world of words. From screaming silence to your sighing poetry you took me.

Today I felt him. The darkness. His moist lips. In a new life, born as your tears, he had come for me. And after all those seasons who went by, I felt complete. Again.

Between all those words you whispered to me and those you smothered within you, I found myself. Your tears that kissed my eyes breathed in life to me. And in return these words are all that I have for you.

Beyond my colours you adore, is the tale of mine. My darkness.


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  1. hey Parvathy, what a vivid letter...!! It is as poetic as it is colorful...yea, even in black. loved it!

  2. I agree with the princess :) very nice and quite poetic in prose.

  3. Parvathy,

    A colorful letter expressed poetically. All the best for BAT! Also, I want to say that your blog template is very very colorful. Liked it!

    Someone is Special

  4. Engrossing... You just cant stop... and finish in one go... That's beautiful, Parvathy!

  5. a poetry-prose hybrid, with wonderful word placement and lucidity of thought. loved it. ATB for BAT :-)

  6. nice letter, loved reading it

    My Blogaton post Letter of A Girl

  7. The Portrayal of Colours contrasting with the recurring Darkness is riveting. You've laid so many emotions and the conclusion revealed it all.
    Good luck for BAT, Parvathy. =)

  8. Beautiful words.
    Best wishes for BAT :)

  9. More of a poetry than prose..Nice
    All the best for BATOM :)