Monday, 13 April 2015


Rituparno Ghosh.
Aiswarya Rai Bachhan. Ajay Devgun.
Music of Debajyoti Mishra
This is no review, but what I scribbled after having watched it. But yeah, I did love the movie. A lot.

The rain that once used to wove poetry in our hearts
Today, fell a little heavy
Was it that the raindrops ran out of passion
Or was it my tears? Were you crying too?
Only if a night I would wake up
In a world where the words we painted were true

And the world of hurting reality
Would be a mere fantasy to be left behind
Lost in the wrong world

But those hollow castles we built seemed so colourful
Those you adorned with tails of rainbows
Shooting stars and dried petals
Ah! Black and white were colours too
And never did I love lies more

The raindrops cling on to the window bars
As we do to our fables of joy
Reluctant to leave hold was a last drop
The last bundle of lie
I leave them safe within
Never knowing you too had left me one

Sunday, 5 April 2015


The day I stopped searching for your face in the moon
The moon, soaked in blood with the shades of an artist’s mischief,
You smiled at me
The deep red lucky seeds of laughter I buried hidden from the world
Grew to touch the skies, I felt!

A childhood I thought was lost within a half smile in a broken mirror,
Wasn't lost after all!

And someone whom I thought had died within, whom I distanced lightyears apart,
I found her.

In the wordless sigh of the fallen leaves that crumpled beneath the world’s feet        
In the words that rose as smoke from the pages I burnt, craving to burn memories

In the life I saw unravelling out there
In the dark smoke left behind by the pacing wheel, remnants of an endless wait
In the hope the engine’s hum filled me with

In the beat my heart skipped hearing a smile bloom, miles away
In the silence that followed my favourite song
In the tales a wrinkled hand wove for me in her roary

In the nights I slept hugging the scent that lingered in an old saree
In the belief that the bindis Ma left in the mirror hid all the love in the world within its circle
In the stories only the pillow, I cried the night and heart out to, knew of
In the poetry of waves that whispered to me as I close my eyes
In the world of colours of mine I found within bubbles

In the tears shed for a single broken chappal stained with blood
In the last breathe of a ghungru that killed itself for missing a beat
In the rhythm it taught my soul
In the night that lurked beyond the neon lighted streets, in the blackness
In the shadow’s dance

In the reflection of mine I saw in the tears the leaves shed for the rain that slithered through
In the wrappers I treasure in memory of those moments someone came by
Offering love wrapped in chocolate
In those stars, long dead, who waited for me in the sky
To sing for me a last song, just for me

I found myself

In them lingered a silly girl, her toothless smile.
A crazy child, who heard the songs her heart sang
From the million things she loved,
The million things she gave herself to,
A bit late

A silly, crazy child!