Thursday, 4 June 2015

Strangers Still

I widen my lips
But the mirror frowns
I push my eyes to the spring
To the corner of memories
They rush back to join the lips
The mirror smiles

You saw my smiles 
A few tales of mine you read
But never did you taste the blood that inked them
And yet you say you know me 
But, we – strangers still

Cause you never saw my scars
The darkness, a blinding deafness
My tears, a violent deep blue sea
My fears, choking roots of an old oak
Whose remnants - scary

I never talked to you those nights 
I abandoned myself in the dark
My fingers went past you scrolling through the contacts 
To end up in silence

You know not my wounds, but, 
The pale left over skin that stretched itself to mask it
Yet you say you want to heal my wounds
The wounds my eyes told only to the night sky 

Read my tears etched in the emptiness amidst the stars
You would, I wish
Only if you could!

As you go around trying to paint the dying leaves green
I stop you
Spill the colors and set fire to your brush
Crumpling yellow – sigh of the fall 
Its beauty, dearer to me

I put them down on paper
The scars. Darkness. Tears and fears. 
Send them to you

My paper boats smile
Sailing through the rain puddles
They whisper their worries
Will they reach you? 

The wet words, would you understand them? 
Blurred, scattered, raw thoughts
Would you run your fingers through those piercing pieces
And paint my heart together?
If you could we could remain not strangers

If. If. If. 

The irony laughs
And strangers, still we remain

a void that
never could be