Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lullabies Of Dark

What were your last thoughts
As you breezed through the darkness to sleep?
I wonder
Wishing to see you through the dark
Your smile that walked with you to sleep

I sing
Amma. Her voice, echoing within me
Distant. Nearer than the past
The same old couplet, I sing
I pick the words wrapped in love
Place them in my sky
And watch them shimmer, my stars
Were you lighting up yours too?
A sky?

The fingers.
Mine. Yours. Ours.
We share a silence, a pause
Only your breath speaks
My heart records
Capturing the moment, forever
My lullaby. Your breath. Our silence.
Voice sans noises

Were you feeling safe?
Were you feeling loved?
My fingers trace a smile on you
And I,
Breathe to your rhythm
And lay awake, as you sleep

For those million times
You wrapped your arms around a void
The thousand times your eyes searched for me
My voice, to give words to the voices screaming inside you
For the moments that couldn’t be spent with you

As I drift off to another sky with the clouds
A promise, I leave
The moon will sing for you
My lullabies of dark
And we’ll share our sky
Memories. Moments. And the shimmering stars.