Sunday, 11 August 2013


A Reunion. It was a journey to trail the once trodden path, to rekindle the dust laden memories and to capture moments. The beach, the moonlit sky and the vestige of a drizzle . The old melody that was sung led our hearts to those vibrant days of youth. All were now the same lads and lasses in early twenties, just as when we parted! The ambiance cheered the once young friends, now in the dawn of fifties. An aura of obscure freedom and carefree abandon draped us in the folds of love and friendship and let us free of burdens. Light at heart, we were all feeling good. 

The "young" lads danced to the music that flowed in the air in the euphoria of alcohol, the girls tapped their feet, gossiped and laughed, the kids perplexed with the youthful vibe and drive of their parents munched on the food, the couples swayed hand in hand, like newly married ones and  then there were the guys with serious faces smiling at the "lads", silently singing along the melody,paddling in the waves of memories. And there was I watching them all, a silent bubble floating in a sea of noises! 

The soft, cool breeze hugs me and I watch him, her husband, my bestie, dancing with her, holding her tight. The refrain reminds me of her, my first love. A love that I buried deep in the crevices of my heart, for my bestie. The libretto talked of her. The hazel eyes, luminous face and angelic smile. She was still the same. The zephyr suddenly seem to spread the fragrance of flowers that once adorned her frizzy hair. It brought in the remembrance of a familiar ache that pestered my heart then, every time I saw them together. I smiled to myself. Yes, once I was deeply torn in love. 

The waves beat hard on rocks and the palms swayed in rhythm and then ended the melody. I felt my eyes moisten at memories that smiled at me. Just then, a known hand fondled my arms. "I love you", she hummed to me. Yes, she too couldn't escape the spell of time warp. I breathed to her, my better half,  "Love you too Bella". And, she is why I loathe the bards who sung that love touched you only once in life. 

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