Sunday, 20 October 2013


She ran about the dark corridor that smelt of lotions and drugs. The refrain of anklets echoed like prayers that kept a graveyard alive. Was she destined to spread the ounces of joy to them, who fed on nothing but doses of tabs ? Was her smile the key to their peace ? Questions I din't have answers to! But she was their sunshine, their bundle of joy. And her smile was the shower that pacified the thirst of those weary souls.

But who was she ?? This question was but answered with remorse by all who knew her. Pari, the youngest patient of the Cancer ward. The vilest cruelty of nature. But the word Cancer could mean no more than Cold - the only illness that existed in the world of the 4 year old! Her glass-bell laughter echoed, piercing through the shadow of death and the clutches of crab. Together they saw beds being deserted and corpses being carried away and entry of new migrants. And ironic to all this the girl hoped around embracing the sunny side of life. Her cancer cells healed with the days begone, still, she was unaware of the potency of the crab. But this ignorance gave her the spirit to fight, when the clutch tightened on her again. The bosom now was the cradle for the crab. She fought hard and got off those days too. 

As she grew up to be me, to be crowned the Miss.World, the people hailed the courage of a woman sans her breast, who became synonymous to Beauty! Ignorance indeed was a bliss, I thought to myself! If little Pari wouldn't have hoped around, then I would have been forever confined to the looming darkness of the cancer ward and never would have been blessed with the sunshine and spring! 


  1. nice story of ignorance and courage. it is inspiring.

  2. Felt as if I was reading an excerpt from a well penned down book!
    You sure do have a way with words Parvathy.:)

    1. A prized lot of words you have just said! Thank you :)

    2. Really O_o....let me check once again..:p.:p..Just kidding!
      You do deserve that, girl! :D

    3. You needn't actually check it out :P Btw would you mind me thanking
      you once again ;)

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